Nicolò Masazza ( Milano, 1973) e Jacopo Bedogni (Sarzana, 1970)
Successful Story

The duo MASBEDO was born in Milan in 1999 from the collaboration between Nicolò Massazza and Iacopo Bedogni, artists active in the field of visual art and installation art. In their works the artists deal with topical issues and questions such as the relationship between modern artists and the art of the past, the history of art as a source of inspiration for the young generation, whether there is an absence of communication in modern society and whether there is a possibility to compensate for it.

Their works are characterized by the interaction between different artistic disciplines, such as theater, film, performance and architecture.

They won the 11th Premio Cairo, in 2010.

Blind Mirrors, 2019, single channel video, installation view at ICA Milano, courtesy In Between Art Film