Serena Vestrucci

Winner 2017
Trucco, 2017

Eyeshadows on raw canvas (execution time, two weeks), 200x180 cm

The winning work, "Makeup," was judged the best with this motivation:

"If the attitude of art is also artifice and showing itself, and its renewal occurs through unusual materials and tools, the work Trucco, effectively realizes this attitude, treating the painting as the skin of a body, making the work not a representation, but an apparition." Her work won the €25,000 prize and the cover of the December monthly Arte."


Born in 1986 in Milan, where she lives and works.

Exhibitions include:

2016 Nettle, Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition.

Milan 2015 8 Hours, Villa Croce Museum, Genoa

One of the founding aspects of Serena Vestrucci's experimental approach is her relationship with the creation of the work of art. The everyday elements, from which her works are born, are modified through ever-changing manual and conceptual practices that change the final perception of the work.

The work in the competition is part of the Tricks series, works in which the artist uses cosmetics products to "make up" the canvas. The coloring of the surface does not have an accomplished sense of the whole so that the final outcome appears completely random, leaving imperfections and wrinkles of the canvas well in view as if they were those of a human face.

In ‘Makeup’ we seem to catch a glimpse of a cloudy sky at sunset: a subject not actually represented, a fiction, a "trick," again only perceptual.